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Whipped Matcha Medium Hourglass Candle by WoodWick Candles

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Whipped Matcha Medium Hourglass Candle by WoodWick Candles

This wonderful fragrance featuresTannic green tea notes whisked perfectly with Tahitian vanilla, orange peel and marshmallow.

This WoodWick candle uses a wick made from organic wood which burns with the sound of a crackling fire, creating an atmosphere of total relaxation, a unique multi-sensory experience. It features a cross shaped ?Pluswick? wick, which fills your room with fragrance five times faster than the average cotton wick. Made from a high-quality blend of soy wax, this candle produces a slow, soot free burn of approximately 100 hours and won?t leave a messy residue on the sides of the jar. The thick wooden lid is branded with the WoodWick logo and can be used as a base when the candle is in use to protect your surfaces.

  • Material: Wax
  • Colour Pink
  • Height (cm): 11.4
  • Diameter (cm): 9.9
  • Net Weight: 21 oz

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