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Crisp Cotton 5.25oz Swan Creek Candle Drizzle Melts 4-Pack

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Swan Creek Crisp Cotton 5.25oz Drizzle Melts 4-Pack | Soy Wax Melts Herbal Fragrance for the Home | Fresh Linen Scented Break Apart Soybean Wax | Made in the USA

Fresh air blended with clean linen; a year round customer favorite!

Drizzle Melts are a wonderful collection of tempting products from Swan Creek Candle Company's Collection. Enticing not only to your olfactory and visual senses, but also your sense of value for these pleasingly-priced new offerings. Break-Apart Packaging provides the same great triple-scented product, now in an even more convenient form! Drizzle Melts are made from 100% all-natural soybean and beeswax blend. Due to the all-natural wax in our Drizzle Melts, each cube is triple scented! Each package contains six break-apart cubes. Each cube should provide fragrance for 18-24 hours. Use with any wax warmer.

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